Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fabulously Meeting Finbar

Strange thing happened on the way to the opera, or might have, if I'd been going to the opera. I wasn't, but that didn't stop the strange thing happening. I got a Flickr mail from Sean, a former 365 day challenge comrade from Bracknell in the UK. Sean, aka misterpulcri*, and his lovely wife Paola, were in Melbourne following a flying visit to Wellington, and we arranged to catch up.

Tasting Will's rejected lemonade

We met and a beer or so in Victoria Street at the Aviary on Victoria Street with a plan to wander down and get something to eat, probably Vietnamese, later. We wandered down the street after a couple of beers, looking for somewhere to eat. By industrial-size coincidence, Sean and Paola had eaten at our fave, Thy Thy 1, it having been mentioned in the Rough Guide. They were happy to go back, so we did. Hilarity ensued.

Paola has wonderful and very Italian hands.

Cain in reflection

He'll always be Finbar to me

A perfect moment

The view from F's saucer

Anyway, the food was great, but that wasn't the point. The salted quail were fantastic; Singapore Noodles with Lotso-Omelet(tm), nice wine and Mr W was very well behaved. But it was really about meeting someone I felt I knew, putting a voice to a face; and a sense of timing to a sense of humour. I had a great time.


Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely.

Sean said...

It was lovely![Finbar|misterpulcri]